Fanboi or Professional?

It’s time to play fanboi or professional. Quick, guess, am I an Apple fanboi or a grizzled computer industry veteran?

There was a day, gentle reader, when I lingered over Radio Shack ads in the Sunday paper to look at and imagine what it would be like to get a TRS-80 and program on it. Some years later, I got a Commodore 128 for Christmas and dabbled on it a bit. Then I got onto what they called the clones in 1990.

And every couple of years, when I got (or built) a more powerful computer, I was excited. It would have better graphics, it would have a faster processor, it would run cooler games that were almost like movies. Whoa.

But sometime not long after the turn of the century, that joy left me. The excitement in getting a new computer. I started working with them, I suppose, and doing more things with them that were work and not fun. I did like having dual processor machines even unto 2007 or so, but now the performance differences are kinda meh. Also, lately they’ve started making movies that look like computer games, so I’m less impressed with how good a game looks because the movies look so bad.

Where am I going with this? Ah, yes. Getting a new computer is a bit of a chore these days because I have to copy data and install a pile of applications and whatnot (if it’s to be my Primary computer). And it’s not like I play a lot of games anyway.

So three or four weeks ago, I (my company) got an iPad 2 because I’m doing some mobile testing, and I’ll eventually need to test under the current iOS version and on a tablet. I configured it in a couple of minutes, and then I set it on the desk.

And it’s sat on the desk for the better part of those weeks. Hardly touched. The cats have swiped on it more than I have, but I didn’t give them my pass code, so those tweets are from me. Even the ones meowing great symphonic overtures.

I mean, it’s just another computer, smaller and lighter, but basically a thin Web browser.

There you have it: I am not a fanboi.

UPDATE: Also not a fanboi: Mr. Hill.