Tomorrow’s For-Profit Idea Today

Want to cash in on the chickens-in-your-suburban-backyard craze and fleece pluck some urban homesteaders but don’t want to set up a rescue organization? Become a chicken veterinarian:

As a growing number of suburbanites and weekend farmers raise poultry for fun, not just food, they are learning that top health care is hard to find. In many cases, they are left to wing it.

Hens, roosters and other poultry can have unique ailments that set them far apart from Fluffy and Fido. And even specialists well-versed on exotic birds may not know chickens, which are bred to be egg-laying machines.

There are chicken experts: The American College of Poultry Veterinarians has about 260 members in good standing. But the vast majority work in the food industry, vets say.

On the one hand, a chicken kick to the head won’t kill you. On the other hand, you’re more likely to get a type of influenza named like a strong password.

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