A Proper Logo for Civility

As you might have noticed, suddenly everyone is all about civility. There are national media calls for it, and the city of Springfield has some sort of ten tenets of civility that it’s wasting government time and treasure on.

The local YMCA even has a banner for it with a logo that I think captures the essence of the modern call for civility:

Be civil

Notice the arrow in it, just as awesome as in the FedEx logo, but to worse effect.

The circle on the left is perhaps being civil to the circle on the right, denoted by the arrow. But this civility is one-sided, and the right circle is poised to eat, Pac Man style, the circle on the left.

Doesn’t that really capture it as a modern one-sided, “You must be civil according to my rules of behavior, even as I pursue your destruction” “civility” of the 21st century?

Or maybe it’s just Atari 2600 Pac Man and Discolored Arcade Pac Man exchanging ideas and I’m reading too much into it.

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