What Is in Brian’s Cabinets, Part 1 in a Continuing Series

In my cabinet in the kitchen where we store our pharmaceuticals and supplements, I recently uncovered this curiosity when I tried to find a child’s liquid medicine syringe among the cat pill guns and out-of-date vitamins:

Another unknown plastic doohickey

It is roughly five inches in width and five inches tall. It has a main shaft and two branches on it, one of which turns up. The second branch is flat, but curved a little. At the bottom of the shaft is a hexagon:

Another plastic hexagon doohickey

Might it fit into something to turn somehow? I have no idea. Since it’s plastic, I assume it’s of some modern convenience, perhaps one of the various kitchen apparatuses we’ve bought and not used.

Again, it’s something I own, don’t know what it is, but I can’t throw it away. It might prove vital at some point in the future. If nothing else, I’m going to someday create a great piece of artwork gluing every last one of these together.

(Previously: What’s On Brian’s Workbench?. Related because this new doohickey is now no longer in the kitchen, but in the garage.)

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3 thoughts on “What Is in Brian’s Cabinets, Part 1 in a Continuing Series

  1. It’s a stirring arm for an ice crusher/sno-cone maker. We have one, but it’s packed away for winter right now, so I don’t remember the brand. This arm is placed in the receptacle, which is loaded with a syrup or other flavor. I like to try Gatorade syrup. You load the ice in the top, and when the machine has its cap on “right,” it spins and runs the ice over a razor blade to shave it. The small end goes on a peg in the receptacle, the curved arm is the stirring arm, and the hexagonal end mates with the motor unit to stir in time with the shaving of the ice.

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