What Is In Brian’s Workbench? Part 1 Of A Continuing Series

So we’ve been in Nogglestead, our new house in the Springfield area, for just over a year now, and I’ve finally gotten the garage mostly unpacked. Hey, I even finally rolled up the tarp I put over the outdoor tools I brought from Old Trees when we moved (I had left it unrolled and spread out to dry, and eventually it got put into the shed spread so that it could dry very well over the last year).

As I’ve been unpacking, I actually have room and shelves and light to spread the gear out and organize it. No longer–well, not for much longer–will I have bunches of unorganized junk boxes with miscellaneous tools, screws, and components in them. As I organize, I keep finding things like this:


I have no idea what that is for.

No doubt it came from some some-assembly-required piece I’ve put together in the last decade, perhaps an optional bit that I didn’t employ but wanted to have on hand in 10 years if I changed my mind. It’s about 4 inches long, sort of screwlike, with a slot screw and hex nut top for easy insertion and tightening. I have no idea what that goes to.

Some people, when confronted with something like this, might throw it out. Not me. I might need that in 2020 for that thing.

I’ll just make a big box for doohickeys.

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2 thoughts on “What Is In Brian’s Workbench? Part 1 Of A Continuing Series

  1. What’s the other end look like? Is it flat or pointed like a wood screw?

    The end facing the camera looks like something used in cheap furniture assembly.

  2. Flat. I took some photos of it standing up.

    The size of it seems indicative of something outdoors. As I mentioned, it’s 3-4 inches tall, which is a bit much for particleboard furniture.

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