Book Report: Everything Crafts Easy Projects edited by Courtney Nolan (2005)

This book is part of the Everything Crafts series, and its particular subheading is Step-By-Step Instructions For Creating Everything From Magnificent Mosaics To Beautiful Wreaths. Well, that’s kind of the case. It has multiple projects within three main lines of projects: Concrete-set molded mosaics, wreaths, and papercrafts using stamps and glue.

Sadly, I didn’t really flip through the book before I got it, so I had an idea that “everything” would be broader.

Still, if one of these three strands of creativity fuel you, you’ll find variations on the projects. For example, in the mosaic line, you can make stepping stones, mirrored wall hangings, photo frames, and reptilian designs. For wreaths, you find instructions for vertical hanging wreaths of various types and seasons and some wreaths you can put around candles.

A quick bit of glancery and something to think about trying sometime, I suppose.

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