A Modifier Whose Time Has Gone

“visible from space,” as in Giant Mound Of Tires In South Carolina Visible From Space. Especially when your photo credit is

Satellite image of collection of tires in Calhoun County, S.C. (credit: maps.google.com)

This just in: Sometime in the last decade, Google has made everything VISIBLE FROM SPACE! Easy enough for a local CBS affiliate to find on the Internet.

Frankly, I’ve had my pickup truck for 10 years now, and it’s so awesome I’ve seen it from space in three different zip codes. The latest:


  • Dang, am I an awesome Dad or what? My children’s sandbox is VISIBLE FROM SPACE!
  • Those Nogglestead gardens this year were so poorly tended and overgrown that they were VISIBLE FROM SPACE!
  • Hopefully, BRIN-3 will pass over again soon so you can see that my self-refinished deck was done so well that the new waterproof stain is VISIBLE FROM SPACE!

And so on.

Seriously, by the time I click Publish, the new NSA satellites will have infraredded and ultravioleted through the walls enough to see how messy my desk remains after all my attempts to clean it, and the Department of Agriculture will have analyzed, based on that satellite data, how much what I should add to my corn bed to actually get corn from the soil this year. Newspapers who try to make you think something is more something because you can see it from space need to come into the twenty-first century with the rest of us.

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