I Question The Timing

So as I’m driving into town, I notice today that the price of automobile fuel is slowly creeping downward, as it has for a couple of weeks now. A gallon of unleaded (a strange appellation since you can’t buy “regular” gas with lead in it any more, and now the “irregular” gas is loaded with extra corn–remember the good old days of gasohol, where the regular gas had lead, the irregular gas had no lead, and the really zany gas had booze in it? Help, I’m trapped in a parenthetical digression and am in danger of losing my thought–where was I? Oh, yes, outside the parentheses) gas is going for $3.09 on Battlefield and Fort (if ever there was an intersection that goes together, it’s battlefield and fort–oh no, here I go again…stop it!).

Doesn’t anyone else see the falling price of gas as a little <conspiracy>conveinent</conspiracy>? In the year before an election year, in a slumping economy, just when it can help prepare to re-elect/elect the President and to allow the Big Oil companies to move the most product they can to maximize profits, the invisible hand of the marketplace “conveniently” changes the price?

Crikey, I was going to go on a satirical tear about capitalism-as-conspiracy, but a couple paragraphs into it, I recognized how much my attempts at satire read an awful lot like current protest signs, albeit with better spelling. Never mind then (maybe I should have just gone on with the parenthetical digressions; they seemed to work).