I Feel Dirty

For years, I’ve been sending back unsolicited credit card offers in their own post-paid envelopes to raise the cost of acquisition marginally in hopes these identity theft templates would stop coming, and because I’m petty and juvenile. Now, I see it’s Occupy-Approved Protest:

Well, I guess I’ll start shredding them.

Ah, the naivete of the young. This fellow thinks that this juvenile stunt is somehow going to increase communication with the banks, as they react to what they’re getting in their mail rooms and that the time they spend dealing with roofing shingles in the mail is going to cut down the amount of time bankers spend lobbying and fundraising for Oh-bah-ma! Oh-bah-ma! and the amount of time they spend foreclosing on homes.

Look at your return addresses, children. They do not go to BANK OF AMERICA, WALL STREET, NEW YORK CITY. They go to CREDIT CARD PROCESSING CENTER, SOMEWHERE, NORTH DAKOTA. Where some outsourced mail center is far insulated from the SCREWING THE POOR division you think works in the Manhattan high rises. Lobbying? Also outsourced. So you’re just clogging up the postal system and bothering some low-wage clerk in the cornfields and aren’t bothering the crony capitalists in Manhattan and Washington at all.

But the Occupy movement is all about self-expression, not results. Which is where it differs from the Tea Party and why it won’t have any real impact in a democratic republic aside from the theatre.

(Video seen here.)