Remember how I poked fun at this Department of Education billboard last month? Well, apparently, the government is not getting a multimonth discount on the billboards, since we have a new one there at the corner of Scenic and Battlefield this month:

The US Government Implies Hispanics Are Bad Fathers
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The text of the billboard is “Take the time and be a good father today.”

The message: The United States Department of Health and Human Services has too much budget.

Seriously, what is it with the government that it spends so much money on signage at the expense of doing things like governing. As I drive along Republic Road south of Springfield, which crosses the James River Freeway several times, the road narrows each time it crosses the highway. Because the government does not have enough money to replace the two-lane bridges with four-lane (and room for six lanes eventually) bridges.

But the governments have the money for billboards, radio ads explaining the dangers of radon, midnight basketball, and lots of social services. Why? I’m cynical enough to think because those things are easy and are done by cool people. Building things? Uncool people who probably bowl on leagues.