Oh, I’m The Extremist?

Say you think the United States Department of Education, younger than I am and I’mnotthatolddammit, is worth reconsideration as a Federal level institution and drain of Chinese bond purchaser dollars makes me an EXTREMIST?

But, somehow, you think it’s worthwhile that those same dollars go to fund grants that do SUCH IMPORTANT WORK as billboards:

Ready to Spend grant
Click for fully funded Federal glory

You know what? I call defending the United States Department of Education Office of Innovation and Improvement Ready to Learn Grant billboards that replace privately funded “Don’t Suck Out That Growth In Your Uterus” billboards EXTREMIST.

I mean, seriously. We’re spending Chinese dollars and bringing wrack upon our economy to innovatively put up billboards telling parents to read to their children? Palin have mercy.

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3 thoughts on “Oh, I’m The Extremist?

  1. Personally, I think we should try to recoup some of the expense by dismantling the Department of Education and putting its former employees to work selling cars for General Motors, which last I looked was still a ward of the state.

  2. Education and auto work both feature union-backed “rubber rooms,” so they’re similar in that regard as well.

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