Book Report: Satan’s Sabbath: The Executioner #38 by Don Pendleton (1980)

This book is the last one written by Don Pendleton before he turned the series over to The Executioner, Inc., and they turned out hundreds of books in the series and others. As such, it does have an ending sort of feel to it as Pendelton finishes up with the War on the Mafia that covered the first books in the series.

As in Friday’s Feast, this book picks up on the final one week swing through the country that Mack Bolan takes after accepting a job working for Washington. It’s probably best if you not reflect on how Bolan can drive across country in a week while stopping and infiltrating and exterminating various mob bastions while doing so.

This time, he returns to New York to finish off the remainder of the families there who are reorganizing after his previous visit. It’s a pretty standard piece of Bolan fare with a couple of ambushes and set pieces where Bolan turns a bordello and Central Park into a hellground and then he infiltrates the mafia HQ using the same Omega/Frankie/Ace of Spades schtick. I don’t mean to diminish it too much, since I’m learning how relatively good the Bolan books are in the monthly pulp paperback line, but if you read them too quickly, you see they are very similar. That’s part of the comfort and the lure of them, I guess. They are put out by the Harlequin people, for crying out loud.

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