Book Report: The Executioner #37: Friday’s Feast by Don Pendleton (1979)

This book is five books ahead of Tennessee Smash and advances the overarching story quite a bit. Mack Bolan is going to lead a government team, the story goes, so he’s driving east and slaughtering a bunch of mafiosos on the way over the course of the week. This is the sixth book in that week. Bolan infiltrates a hard site in Baltimore, impersonates an independent Mafia hitman (the Ace of Spades gambit again), and finds a murdered capo whom none in his family mourn.

Bolan susses out the story, interdicts a forty million dollar shipment of gold, and returns to the hardsite to shoot a bunch of people with Italian names.

It’s a quick read, pretty good for pulp (as have been some of the others I’ve read in the series), and worth some change at a book fair.

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