Protect Their Phony Baloney Jobs?

They can’t find them in the first place.

With the nation investing billions of dollars in clean energy, it stands to reason that tiny Crowder College should be quite popular these days.

After all, this is a place that has been educating students about alternative energy for more than three decades. The school offers degree tracks in solar, wind and biofuels. It offers courses both locally and through its online program.

Yet fewer than 60 students are pursuing green degrees from the school. That’s not terribly surprising, considering that jobs in this sector have been slow to materialize. It’s a market, instructors say, that depends heavily on using government incentives to get companies to invest in green endeavors. And that’s just not happening right now.

Of course, Crowder is a junior college, so when kids come out of it with an Associate’s Degree that includes such education as 3 hours of Ethanol production and 3 hours of math classes, it’s hard to guess what sort of role they would fill in a phony baloney job that a high school graduate could not.

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