‘Journalist’ Position Reclassed As Projectionist

Election likely to show shift to right:

Two years into the age of Obama, America may be about to change course.

The hope and optimism that President Barack Obama stoked into Democratic control of Washington two years ago has faded.

Great seizer’s ghost!

Correct me if I’m wrong. I realize that two years ago was BAO, Before the Age of Obama, but wasn’t the election sort of close? 7 percent? And of that losing side, weren’t a whole hell of a lot of us somewhat concerned about what the election meant? A couple percent of us, those who sort of listened to Obama’s rhetoric before he toned it down for the gulls, might have suffered from some particularly acute dismay.

But in this “analyst”‘s opinion, it was the dawning of the Age of Hopechangius (Let the Sun Shine In), and that’s fallen off because of factors unrelated to Obamus Magnus.