Robin Carnahan’s Work Gloves: Wrong for Missouri

On Robin Carnahan’s official campaign Web site,, we see several photos of Robin Carnahan sporting work gloves. Three of the seven photos where her hands appear, in fact. And what do those work gloves tell us about Robin Carnahan.

<dramatic chord>

Robin Carnahan's work gloves: cowhide and clean

Those are some good quality workgloves. Definitely cowhide. Probably set her back $8 to $15 dollars, but they’re worth it, since they don’t tend to wear holes in them like the $4 fabric gardening gloves. Why, you could a couple hours swinging a pick or turning soil with a shade and not feel that at all.

But wait a minute. Those work gloves are clean.

That’s not the way used work gloves look. Used work gloves look like this:

My work gloves: cowhide and unclean

That’s some dirt and whatnot ground into those work gloves, and I’m not a manual laborer. I just wear them when I’m landscaping, sweeping, mowing, or using power tools repetitively.

Here’s another picture of Carnahan taking those gloves off after a long, grueling photo session:

Robin Carnahan's work gloves: cowhide and dirty this time?

Is it dirt, or is it shadow? Does Robin Carnahan have more than one pair of favorite work gloves? What on earth kinda hoity-toity has more than one pair of work gloves? Or does Robin Carnahan’s wardrobe and prop department have more than one pair of work gloves?

The third image from the Web site has a completely different set of gloves:

Robin Carnahan's tractor gloves

These are not her cowhide gloves. Those look like fabric gloves. Are they special tractor driving gloves? Does she have goggles and a scarf to go with them? Or am I the only peon in the state of Missouri who has a favorite pair of work gloves and uses them for most things?

Roy Blunt’s Web site depicts him in dozens of images with his hands showing, and none of them that I saw show him in work gloves. Roy Blunt is in government service, but unlike Robin Carnahan, he’s not pretending to be a brush-clearer like George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan.

Robin Carnhan’s Work Gloves: Wrong For Missouri.

(This post was far funnier in my head. Try to put yourself there for the full effect.)