Democratic Party Official: Some Free Speech Just Begs For The Purification That Fire Offers

Up in the KC area, a local farmer’s expression of his political views have been torched. Twice.

So when the 72-year-old Raytown man wanted to speak out politically, he used what he had handy: a 45-foot-long, semi-truck box trailer.

Are you a Producer or Parasite

Democrats – Party of the Parasites

He planted the trailer with its professionally painted message in his Bates County cornfield along heavily traveled U.S. 71 about an hour south of Kansas City. He wanted lots of people to see it.

They did. Including at least one with a good case of outrage, matches and a can of gas.

On May 12, Jungerman’s trailer was torched. The Rich Hill volunteer fire department responded. A week later, it was set afire again. The firefighters put it out again.

Then flames erupted in an empty farm house that Jungerman owns.

A local Democratic Party member thoughtfully mused:

Local Democrats don’t want to be linked to the arsons. Jungerman has every right to speak his mind, said Kay Caskey, a Bates County Democrat and wife of longtime state Sen. Harold Caskey.

“Obviously our country is in disarray now because of economics, jobs and foreclosures,” she said. “We are hurting as a country. But there are too many people who want to tear it down instead of build it up. Yes, there is anger out there, and we are a long way from Washington.

“This man has a right to do what he did, but around here some people might wonder at what point do you cross the line?”

According to Kay Caskey, the word parasite might reasonably call for arson. Well, maybe not parasite. But some words might cross the line to make Molotov cocktails a reasonable response. Maybe tick. Tapeworm. Somewhere, a speaker hits a noun that crosses the subtle line enabling property damage.

Unfortunately, the news article does not follow up to get Ms. Caskey’s idea of proper burning words nor does it get her to explain how short a skirt a woman can wear before it crosses the line and invites sexual assault. But some legal freedoms and exercise thereof might call for illegal response. A modern Democratic Party recasting of Thoreau if I ever heard it.

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