That’s What I Get For Reading Job Ads on Craigslist

It’s a common schtick on my other blog to make fun of job listings on Craigslist and elsewhere, but this one isn’t funny, really, in a funny way.

Here’s the ad for a Software Development Manager at Joyce Meyer Ministries:

Want to work for Joyce Meyer Ministries?
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For those of you not into Joyce Meyer or not in the St. Louis area, where the newspapers and television shows routinely run exposes on the multi-million dollar industry and where plantiffs sue Joyce Meyers whenever one of its employees commits a crime, this is a very large ministry operation with television, print, and apparently software or Internet operations. But the trigger here is that it’s Christian.

Now, Craigslist hipper-than-thou readers often respond to job listings, mostly to mock misspellings or crazy collections of buzzwords sown by recruiters, but this respondent mocks the company for its beliefs:

Someone has unresolved issues with his parents
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1) Must believe in the supernatural, specifically Jesus.
2) Must be mentally unstable and suffer from Glossolalia.
3) Must be comfortable working for an organization that doesn’t pay taxes and contribute to society.

Haw, haw!

Anyone want to guess the over/under that this respondent would think working for an environmentally themed non-profit would be A-OK? Maybe a subsidiary of the government handling operations that aren’t constitutionally allocated to the government? Those are enlightened callings, not vocational insanity demonstrated by Joyce Meyers employees.

Any time I see reflexive anti-Christian sophistication like this, I always assume someone has unresolved issues with Mommy and Daddy.

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2 thoughts on “That’s What I Get For Reading Job Ads on Craigslist

  1. Although I can understand why someone would regard Christianity as not true, to act as though any adherent is just plain stupid shows an ignorance of human history. And rude.

  2. Sadly, this sort of ZING! is considered the height of wit in some “educated” circles.

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