My Money Was On Caroline Kennedy

You’re So Vain….David:

The catty lyrics were believed to be aimed at an ex-boyfriend such as MICK JAGGER, CAT STEVENS, KRIS KRISTOFFERSON or WARREN BEATTY.

But now the target has been revealed as gay producer DAVID GEFFEN, at the time head of Carly’s Elektra record label.

I’m not going to explain my quip, you damn kids.

(Link seen on Althouse.)

1 thought on “My Money Was On Caroline Kennedy

  1. The ‘revealed’ aspect of this was, according to the article I read, a backwards-masked message on a new edition of “You’re So Vain”. Not an especially compelling story to those of us who experienced the ‘Paul Is Dead’ hysteria and numerous other examples of confirmation bias in backwards masking. Anyone who remembers “You’re So Vain” well enough to understand the secret will also remember the nonsense that gets repeated periodically to a fresh crop of suckers. – Jim

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