The Basic Misunderstanding

Sarah Silverman, apparently a comedienne of some sort, expresses a basic misunderstanding of marriage in an interview with USA Today Weekend:

Are you interested in ever getting married? [Her last relationship was with talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel.]

I’m interested in having and finding that person for life, but marriage is barbaric. I wouldn’t be a part of it, especially now. Why would anyone want government involved in their love? I think it’s a disgusting club to be in where people who love people of the same sex aren’t allowed.

That’s strange sentiment from someone who mentions her religion earlier in the interview. But perhaps, to the hippy dippy East Coast liberal Jews (her characterization of her household, not my anti-Semitism, thanks), it’s the government’s world and we’re just living in it.

I mean, marriage is a religious and traditional institution sanctioned by the government. Someone with a religious or traditional bent would probably think first of the sanctity of the ceremony, the relationship of the two people in the marriage and their deity, et cetera and et cetera.

Nah, it’s a government thing, and opposing it because the government doesn’t let gay people do it is the hippy dippy liberal thing to do. So Ms. Silverman won’t be crushing any wine glasses because 1)She protests and 2)She must think of marriage as a licensing thing and a JOP thing (Justice of the Peace thing, not misspelled JAP thing, come on).

I’m scoring a conservative trifecta here, I suspect. I’m talking about gay marriage and about a Jewish woman’s characterization thereof. It’s not often one can be homophobic, misogynist, and anti-semitic in one post. Ha! Just kidding. Conservatives do it all the time whenever they use any noun!