Accounting Isn’t Their Strong Suit

Claire McCaskill’s office responds to protestors reprehensibly:

McCaskill’s office manager locked the doors, pull down the blinds, called the cops and forced the protesters across the street.

Senator McCaskill explains:

There was only one male staffer at the office on Friday, and I knew he wouldn’t do that. He is an Iraq veteran, who handles almost all of our case work for our veterans. He is soft spoken and hard working and just not the type to lose his cool.

Mystery solved. Our office only occupies the first floor, and a marketing and advertising firm has the office space above us on the second floor. They acknowledged that one of the men that works in their offices made the gesture and they closed their blinds.(On the first floor our blinds are always closed). It’s confusing because the signage makes it look like we occupy both floors.

However, previously, she said:

On Friday, our office was short staffed(four were attending community events and meeting with people in the St Louis area), and the protestors were frustrated with our inability to meet with them when they arrived. They began banging on windows and doors and ringing the buzzer, so that the two staffers in the office could not focus on the phones, that were ringing constantly. They asked the police to help calm the situation, and when one of our staff got back to the office at around noon she met with representatives of the group, and we have scheduled another meeting with the group.

Claire McCaskill and her staffers seems to have a bit of trouble accounting for the number of workers in the office at the time. And that’s a small office. Now, project that to the entirety of the Federal government. I think it’s a good instance of how management skills scale.

(Link courtesy of Instapundit.)