Just When You Think You Know A Place

So I’m out in the backyard the other day, and I come across a strange sight that almost indicated I was suddenly in an alternate universe. I’ve lived in this house for over two years and have mowed the back yard at least twice in addition to various child play activities, gardening bits, and whatnot. So how come I never noticed this six foot strand of wire sticking up before?

Where did that come from?
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Fortunately, it was not live, since I do have kids wandering around back there. But,seriously, where did that come from?

The back corner of the yard used to have a garage or workshop at one time; there’s still a bit of a gas pipe sticking up from heat or whatnot and I’m always digging stuff out of the ground nearby. But I can’t have not seen this six foot strip of wire in two years, can I?

The one end of it was firmly buried, and the other was kind of bent up and hanging out; it wasn’t there last Saturday when I mowed the lawn, and the sod is not chewed up as though it had recently been dug up. I mow it short, too, so I would have seen it if it was lying on the ground for two years.

So how does six feet of wire spout out of a hole in the ground all at once? Is it like a volcanic thing? Or was it really not an electric wire leading to the old garage, but a phone line, and if I’d hooked in a phone, I would have been the first to communicate with the great Underworld Land Of The Eternal Sun?

‘Cause, brother, these things mess with you.

2 thoughts on “Just When You Think You Know A Place

  1. Freakin’ Canadians. Whitebacks are always sneaking across the border, burying cables, and impregnating the livestock.

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