The Race To Eliminate A Tax Cut

New taxes never sunset. Sometimes, tax cuts don’t even sunrise:

A state law requiring St. Charles to cut property taxes when the city’s share of Ameristar Casino admission receipts increases may be repealed before it ever triggers any reduction.

At the request of Mayor Patti York, the Missouri Legislature last week approved a little-noticed measure to get rid of the tax cut requirement.

Please, don’t take away her slush money. Think of the poor, bawling, hungry bureaucrats she has to feed.

1 thought on “The Race To Eliminate A Tax Cut

  1. From the article:

    The fees are paid by the casino, not its customers.

    Obviously, the money it pays these fees from grew on trees that fell into the river and drifted downstream?

    I never cease to be amazed that many people cannot comprehend that taxes, fees, etc., on businesses are paid for by consumers.

    Another gem from the article:

    …the measure also would repeal restrictions previously imposed by the Legislature on how St. Charles can spend its casino tax revenue.

    Wait, wait, wait. When the state began allowing gambling, weren’t citizens promised that all of the revenue generated would go towards education?

    The repeal measure was passed on the last day of this year’s session. Sen. Tom Dempsey, R-St. Charles, began the effort when he convinced a Senate committee last month to attach the repeal language to an unrelated bill. [emphases mine]

    Disgusting. I’m glad Senator Dempsey is putting the interests of fellow politicians ahead of those of his own constituents. Not that I’m surprised, of course, but I’m still disgusted.

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