Let The Failures Begin

State-run health care in Wisconsin begins denying coverage to the most vulnerable, i.e., expensive, “clients”:

“I was close to crying in the drugstore,” Clark said. “I knew there just had to be another recourse.”

Clark’s son was among the 450 children with pre-existing medical conditions who were dropped by the Health Insurance Risk Sharing Plan Authority when BadgerCare Plus was introduced.

Their experience is an example of the often-inescapable complexity of state health programs and the insurance market in general, particularly for families who do not get insurance through an employer.

Is the solution letting the free market work? Foolish mortal; the obvious solutions include drug reimportation and spending even more tax money.

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2 thoughts on “Let The Failures Begin

  1. Obviously, we need more publicly-funded mass transportation. That solves everything, right?

  2. If you’re following Wisconsin politics, you know they want the pretty, pretty light rail. In addition to everything else.

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