The Essence of Packrattery, Distilled

Because our bathrooms lack certain amenities, like storage, my sainted mother bought us a pressboard over-the-toilet storage cabinet that has a two-door cabinet, a shelf, and then a cubby with a drop-down door that was supposed to be held in place by a magnet on the cabinet and a metal disk affixed to the drop-down door. However, the adhesion between the magnet and the disk exceeded that between the disk and the door. Several times. It outlasted the original adhesive, it outlasted double-sided tape, and it would probably have outlasted the next glue I used to bond it.

Except I hit it with a laundry basket, breaking the chipboard at the two screws that acted as hinges. Irreperable enough, but now as another shelf, it will not be a problem. So I threw the pressboard door out, but, wait a minute, it has a plastic knob in it. And you never know when you might need a ten cent plastic knob. I mean, it wouldn’t be worth it to run out to the hardware store for it.

So I took it out of the pressboard door.

The knob

And I threw it in a drawer in my work area where I can amply forget about it, not that I’ll ever need a knob like that in the future. But I have one.

On the plus side, I did actually throw out the pressboard door, so I’m not that much of a packrat.

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