There’s Always Pennsylvania Sneaking Up On You

I got 49 of 50 on the 50 States in 10 Minutes quiz, which asks you to name all fifty states of of the top of your head (and type them) in 10 minutes.

I knew those tiny “states” back east would be my problem. I got my first 46 in the first four minutes, remembered Delaware and Maryland at about six minutes, and then West Virginia at eight minutes and thirty seconds. But Pennsylvania? Slipped my mind entirely, even though I thought it was very pretty when I drove through it.

Which, I guess, gives you a four state head start on me.

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2 thoughts on “There’s Always Pennsylvania Sneaking Up On You

  1. Don’t feel bad, I ripped off 49 with almost seven minutes to spare, then sat blinking at the countdown timer until it informed me that I have a complete mental block regarding New Joisey.

    And rightly so.

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