Cop Killer, 25 Years Later, Full of Wrong Adjectives

Convicted killer fears his last moments:

Workman said he doesn’t feel much like a person anymore. He has become a pile of legal briefs, appeals, depositions.

And he is angry, sorry, scared and depressed.

Of the officer who was killed, Workman says: “Any loss of life is a tragedy.”

No, sir; the loss of the officer was tragic, but the result of another man’s actions. When that life is lost, it will be justice, not tragedy.

The dead cop didn’t get 25 years to build up a good set of anger, fear, or depression. He doesn’t feel like a person any more, either, because Workman killed him in a Wendy’s parking lot. Poor bastard is nothing but a footnote in a CNN cause célèbre.

Meanwhile, pliable proletariat reader, feel sympathy for some poor soul who’s had 25 years to reflect on what he’s done, and the best he can do is a sideways sorry amid his own turmoil for his punishment.

I’d say shame on CNN and shame on Workman, but there’s no shame any more. Some people have moved beyond it.

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