Don’t Remake the Remake

The blogosphere, built of fanboys of science fiction, politics, or sometimes both, is abuzz about the Entertainment Weekly The Sci-Fi 25 top 25 science fiction things in the last 25 years, has this to say about #16, The Thing:

Recently, there’s been talk in Hollywood of remaking The Thing. Please don’t. For the love of God, we’re begging you. After all, this streamlined exercise in subzero paranoia cannot be improved upon.

This is amusing to some of us who realize the 1982 film was a remake of a 1951 film entitled The Thing From Another World.

Don’t remake the remake because its subzero paranoia could not be improved? Hollywood 2007 surely differs; why, it’s a parable about modern politics, somehow, making George W. Bush and the American military responsible would speak more truth to power.

In the pool, I’m taking the spot where alien is replaced with military experiment on Iraqi/general Arabic prisoner gone wrong.

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