Book Report: Forever Odd by Dean Koontz (2005)

My wife bought this book for Christmas last year (that is, Christmas 2005) because I’d liked Odd Thomas. As with the preceding book, the narrative voice of Thomas is exceedingly conversational, but this book at this time struck me as too much so. Odd Thomas, who sees silent dead people, gets a visit from the recently dead father of a friend. Someone has killed the father and has taken the son. Although early signs point to the first husband of the boy’s mother (and his birth father), it looks as though the boy is actually bait for the one person who can find him… Odd Thomas.

The book was a quick enough read and pretty engaging; however, some of the narrative voice seems like fluff, and I have to wonder whether this and its 2006 counterpart Brother Odd are merely one story stretched over two books; the ending of the book sure seems like a setup. That’s poor form.

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4 thoughts on “Book Report: Forever Odd by Dean Koontz (2005)

  1. I read that one as well, but missed Odd Thomas. I’m waiting for Brother Odd to come out in paperback (because I’m cheap that way).

    Plus I was trying to figure out which house in Savannah had the ghosts of the dead children in the basement. ;-)

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