Book Report: Broken Prey by John Sandford (2005)

After reading Winter Prey, I flashed forward 12 years in Lucas Davenport’s future. He’s married to the woman he met in Winter Prey, and their children and she are in London, leaving Davenport a psuedobachelor. Instead of watching movies all night, he has to deal with a serial killer who appears to mock the MOs of three serial killers institionalized in a single Minnesota hospital. Early indicators point to a recently-released inmate, but that wouldn’t have made a 300 page novel, would it?

I figured out whodunit pretty early, but I rode along with Davenport and his team as they went down one blind alley after another. But it’s the journey, not the destination, for the most part. I’ve got a couple more prey books on the shelves, and I should get through them and get my complete list together since Prey books are plentiful at book fairs.

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