Wine Marketers Targeting Children

BEYOND ANIMAL MAGNETISM: The lesson of critter labels: Drinkers judge wine by what’s on the bottle:

Three Blind Moose, Four Emus, Funky Llamas. A menagerie of critter labels on wines has emerged in the past three years, all hoping to emulate the success of a certain Yellow Tailed marsupial. In 2005, these wines locked up $605 million in sales, and average sales of 77 new animal labels launched since 2003 more than doubled those of their non-critter rivals, according to ACNielsen. So, it seems, what’s on the label does make a difference.

Put a camel on a pack of cigarettes, and you’re targeting children. So I got some bad news for the wine marketing crowd when the Round All Corners Society picks up on this tidbit of research.

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2 thoughts on “Wine Marketers Targeting Children

  1. Its true. I am one of the suckers who buy wine according to how much I like the bottle.

    What can I say… I’m shallow.

  2. If I had known about “Crazy Loon” when I was 12, I would no doubt be a complete failure today.

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