Ask Dr. Creepy: Movie Stars As Inspiration

Dr. Creepy
Dear Doctor Creepy,
I’m trying to find creepy actors whose mannerisms–and creepy characters–I can use as inspiration for emulation in every day life. I like Edward Norton and really like Crispin Glover, especially for his role in
Williard. If I choose one to imitate for maximum creepiness, who should it be?

Creeping 2 Creepy

Dear Creeping to Creepy,
For starters, you poser, do not use numbers for words; there is nothing creepy about Prince-hop.

Secondly, you’ve presented Dr. Creepy with a false dilemma in choosing between Norton and Glover. Both have their finer points as creepy character actors, but ultimately their other work will overshadow their best roles.

And although some might suspect that I favor Ronald Lacey, whereas I do hold the immortal Toht close to heart at all times, if I could have all junior weirdos out their emulate one frightening modern character actor, I would recommend David Patrick Kelly. The short, high-pitched actor commands attention and makes skin crawl in any motion picture in which he appears, from his role as Doyle in Last Man Standing to T-Bird in The Crow. Certainly, although Sam the Sleazeball appeared to reform in The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, did you really believe that the flower-toting, woman-defending fisticuffs were genuine and bound to last? I couldn’t. And his pièce de résistance remains the too-brief role of Sully in Commando.

Working his nonhandsomeness together with his diminutive height and high pitched voice (which sounds lispy, even when it’s not), Kelley combines pathetic with the fear that violence might erupt at any moment. My friends, that’s the essence of creepy, and no one has it like David Patrick Kelley.

Dr. Creepy

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