Because It’s A Literary List, That’s Why

Kim du Toit presents a list of his favorite short stories. While not a true “best of” list, compulsion to convince you, gentle reader, that I have read some things has lead me to reproduce this list with the items I have read highlighted with bold font:

Short stories are harder to recollect than novels if you’ve merely read them in passing, as part of a survey course, or as part of a collection or anthology.

I’d also like to point out that I have a collection of Guy de Maupassant on my to-read shelves, so at some time, this personally annotated list will be more impressive.

Of all those I’ve read, I’d have to say that the “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is probably my favorite, and I’ve sort of got the idea for a story that has it in a twist of sorts. Sort of a combination of that and O. Henry’s A Retrieved Retribution.

But that’s neither here nor there.

So how well would you hold a conversation with Mr. du Toit on his favorite stories?

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