Book Report: Big Trouble by Dave Barry (1999)

This is Dave Barry’s first novel and the source for the 2002 film, so of course I bought it when it was available from the St. Charles County Book Fair for $2.00. I’ve been meaning to see the movie, too, but now I can compare it to the book, unfavorably no doubt.

As Dave Barry works with Carl Hiaasen (Book reports: Strip Tease, Skinny Dip, and Basket Case), one could expect that the absurdist crime caper bacterium would contaminate the works of the normally serious Mr. Barry. And so it has. The book is full of oddball characters, strange coincidences, and other contrivances that make the work funny. It’s not serious fiction, so it’s good camp and high fun. Or vice versa.

I need to start pitching my books to agents as in the style of Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry. I’ll just have to be more careful to spell their names and book titles correctly. If you’ve clicked through those Hiaasen reviews, gentle reader, you’ll note I’ve misspelled both in various places.

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