The Dreaded Tentacles of Convenient Health Care

Judge tosses out zoning that blocked Aurora hospital:

A Waukesha County judge ruled Thursday that the City of Oconomowoc illegally rezoned land to block construction of a hospital by Aurora Health Care.

In response to the ruling, Aurora – the largest and, critics contend, most expensive health care system in southeastern Wisconsin – immediately moved to extend its reach into affluent western Waukesha County.

I’ve written about this before. It’s good to see, though, that eventually, occasionally, right-minded citizens cannot EJM (Ends Justify the Means, now a verb of its own coming soon to a blog near you) to thwart the encroaching tentacles of the health care menace. Even if it’s from one of those eldritch, foetid for-profit companies.

Cptlism fthagn.

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