One Good Discharge Leads to Another

Some people were just born to work in fast food:

Then everyone’s attention turned to a woman in line – the one with a shredded sequined purse on the tile floor near her feet.

“She picked up her purse like it was some kind of disease,” explained Shelley White, the store manager on duty.

“I ain’t got no gun,” was the only thing the stranger told the crowd in the restaurant before gathering her purse and teenage daughter from a nearby booth and running out of the place about 1 p.m. Friday.

But she did have a gun, investigators said, apparently a low-quality one that discharged by accident when she dropped her purse.

She had a secret too, one that she might have kept had White not rushed to the window and called out the license number for a customer to jot down. The fleeing woman was an off-duty St. Louis police officer.

After the woman inadvertantly discharged a firearm, fled the scene, and threw the firearm out of her window on the interstate before she was caught, she resigned when the internal affairs department of her police department opened an investigation.

As someone who travels into the city almost daily, I would hope the city of St. Louis would weed these people out before they’re actually, you know, cops.

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