Our Midwestern Givhan

Richard Roeper:

You probably read the stories or saw the footage of little John Roberts acting up as President Bush introduced John’s daddy, Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr. He wiggled and danced around, and generally acted like any 4-year-old would in such a formal situation. It was the most hilarious display of mischief by a politician’s son since Rudy Giuliani’s kid blew kisses to the crowd and pretended to take the oath of office when his father was sworn in as mayor of New York City.

But whose idea was it to dress the kid like a summertime version of Little Lord Fauntleroy? An Easter Egg-colored suit with short pants, white socks and saddle shoes? Was that a tribute to John-John circa 1962? That kid is going to be teased on a lot of playgrounds, even private school playgrounds, if he’s dressed like that in the future.

This, from the token skinny guy on the Ebert and ? show.

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