Et Tu, American Greetings?

A family member bought this card for the punchline, but didn’t realize that she wasn’t part of the niche market this card serves.

The cover:

Cover of birthday card.
Click for full size

Weapons of Mass Destruction. Money.

The inside:

Inside birthday card.
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Two things you won’t find inside this birthday card.

Okay, I can see some humor in that, well, more an attempt at humor, but something. And then there’s the back:

Back of birthday card.
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A caricature of George W. Bush, saying “Trust me, they’re there.”

So what’s your point, “American” Greetings?

I suppose they’re trying to cater to a hip urban crowd who’s swallowed the load that Iraq didn’t have weapons of mass destruction because those that have been found were just about destruction, not about destroying Catholic worship cermonies.

I’ve never paid much attention to greeting card manufacturers, but I know that the maker’s name is listed right above the price, and I’ll buy my 149 cards from Hallmark now, thanks.

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4 thoughts on “Et Tu, American Greetings?

  1. American Greetings, I think, is making a reference to the following:

    George Bush said “Trust me,” there are definitely weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

    In fact, there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It does not appear that there ever were. Hans Blix said as much but Bush just told him to shut up and get out of the way. Which part of this are you finding hard to understand?

    I have no problem with voting republican, but this guy is a total moron. I am organizing everyone I can to vote in the republican primary and make sure another bible-swinging idiot doesn’t get nominated by what used to be a respectable party.

  2. “I have no problem with voting republican, but this guy is a total moron.”

    Thanks for elevating the discourse, sir. I have no problem with dissenting with Bush’s stances–I often do–but name calling doesn’t proffer alternatives or disprove what someone says or does as right.

    But it’s not about right or wrong or truth, ainna? It’s about winning and ruling.

  3. The card. How about the topic of the thread? The card. Do you really not understand that it is an attack on the fact that Bush either lied or was incredibly wrong about the weapons of mass destruction?

  4. I think, splansing, you might be missing the fact that my spouse is rather good at tongue-in-cheek humor. It’s kinda sad to have to point that out – means you haven’t read any of his other posts.


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