Book Review: You Don’t Know Jack: The Book (1998)

I’d hate to reflect on what subtle secrets slip out about my character when the reader of this humble web log discovers that the last two books I have read stem from video games. However, if the reader overlooks the obvious mental deficiencies of such a reviewer….wait, you’re already here.

Okay, this book represents a quiz book, ten “games” of ten questions each. It’s based on the video game series which featured, as far as I understand it, a host named Jack who was a cynical, smart-mouthed character, much like the ironic characters iconified in the television show Seinfeld. This particular book was laid out like someone eviscerated a copy of Wired magazine, with hip fonts, bright colors, and 128 snarky pages to cover 100 questions.

But if you can pick it up for less than a buck at a yard sale, go for it. It’ll help you sharpen up for those unexpected trivia nights where you’re confronted with Hugh Hewitt, James Lileks, and Michael Nedved on a team without Michael Savage to handicap them.

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