Shaming the du Toits–Again!

Well, since Kim du Toit called me a wanker for showing our library before, I just want to take this opportunity to show you, gentle readers, how we in the Noggle family are escalating the books race. Here’s a current view of my personal library:

The Brian J. Noggle Personal Library circa June, 2004

Click for super size

Note that it now encompasses four bookshelves instead of three. The furthest to the left comprises the 400+ volumes I have yet to read (double-stacked, natch) and the two in the middle, mostly doublestacked too, represent already read stuff. The bookshelf to the right contains my Robert B. Parker collection and my Ayn Rand collection. If you supersized it, you would see it easily.

Rearranging our bedroom has made room for two more bookshelves, which we will purchase soon enough. I won’t spread out my “to-read” shelves because their contents are daunting enough in one double-stacked bookshelf (with some titles crammed atop the double-stacking, too).

No word yet on how the Steinbergs of Chicago will react to this escalation–however, it should be noted that Neil and his family will probably have to clean their suburban house to throw a party to show off his library.

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4 thoughts on “Shaming the du Toits–Again!

  1. We were getting started four years ago. Take a look at the 2008 rendition linked above, and realize it’s before we added our latest set of bookshelves.

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