The Noggle Library 2008 Update

In response to comments in this post, I hereby present the state of the Noggle Library 2008 post.

Back in the day, Kim du Toit posted a picture of his home library (on his old blog, obliterated at some point before he resurfaced with his current blog. I posted the first Noggle Library post in 2003. Man, five years ago, we had nothing. In response to my post, du Toit posted on his blog that some wanker had one bigger than his; hence the sidebar endorsement. However, that actual post, too, was lost when Mr. du Toit ended his original blog, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Last year, I posted an update which showed my then office and the rest of the Noggle Library. The volume has continued to grow, though, since last year’s picture did not take into account the 2007 Book Fair Season. Here’s what we have now.

Brian's office, read books
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These are most of the books I have read, hardbacks and trade paperbacks here mostly. To the left, you can see the Robert B. Parker shelf with some space to accommodate future books. The second to the left has the Ayn Rand books and the poetry and drama and the writing books. I have some room for growth, as these are not double-stacked yet.

Brian's office, unread side 1
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These two shelves include unread books, some dating back a decade or two. Most shelves are double-stacked. Two shelves contain oversized books which are only 1-up. The top shelf on the right contains the Classics Club editions of which I have become fond as well as some other material in front.

Brian's office, unread side 2
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This is the other side of the unread shelves. The two bookshelves to the left are unread books, the one to the right is reference material in home repair and whatnot.

Brian's office, paperbacks and computer reference material
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The top bookshelf is mass market paperbacks I have read; the bottom shelf is computer reference works and some music list books.

Brian's office, effluvia
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This bookcase contains “effluvia”; gaming books, binders full of process documentation or manuals, magazines, and so on.

Shelf in the hutch includes more computer books and writing reference/dictionaries.<

Basement reference
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Two small bookshelves in the basement contain reference sets, sewing books, and young adult series (Nancy Drew, etc.)

Basement paperbacks
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This small book case includes Heather’s mass market paperbacks and some religious books and hymnals I picked up for her in November.

The boy's books
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The boy’s books, reshuffled a bit since last year with his Christmas gifts mixed in.

Dining room books
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The dining room cookbooks, Heather’s textbooks, the Time-Life Old West series, and some pet care reference. Not much new here since last year.

Heather's books 1
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Heather's books 2
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Heather's books 3
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Heather’s office books. No changes in layout in the last year; only the density has increased.

Well, there’s where we are going into Book Fair Season this year. I estimate this year I will hit my event horizon, wherein I will actually own more books than I can possibly read in my lifetime given current life projections. However, ever the optimist, I will probably buy a pile more so that I will have plenty of reading choice and so I don’t actually come to the end of my life and have to read Ulysses just because I own it.

Check back next year for the next exciting installment!