Thanks, But I Have a Psychological Disorder Hobby Already

Here’s a new bit on Snopes:

Claim:   Fecal matter sprayed by flushing toilets can collect on toothbrushes.

Geez, Mikkelson, thanks for the graphic details and the extreme tips, such as:

People tend to leave frequently-used articles where they are normally put to use, which means most of us unthinkingly deposit our toothbrushes on the sink or counter in the bathroom. A better strategy would be to place them in the medicine cabinet between brushings. It pays to keep in mind that while you may remember to close the lid before flushing, not everyone else in the household will always be as diligent.

Actually, there are numerous other tips, but I’m not going to implement them. I spend so much time being a paranoid neurotic that I don’t have any time to add another set of obsessive-compulsive tasks. Sorry.