What’d I Say?

The same thing as a commenter at Diplomad:

We need to dispel the idea that the problem is Biden (or whoever the Democrats choose to nominate). It does not matter whether the executive is Biden, Gavin, or Michelle; the outcome of their polices will be the same. The problem with the Democrats is their Leftist policies, and their willingness to do anything (including disregarding the Constitution) in order to remain in power.

By focusing on Trump vs. Biden, we offer them an easy solution of simply changing their figurehead. We need to disregard the ‘Cult of Personality’ battle, and focus on policy differences. Any debate about Biden’s abilities should begin with, “I know Biden is unfit, but that’s not the problem…”

We were talking about it last evening, and I explained to my beautiful wife how it could work. She didn’t believe it possible, but she is quite the optimist who believes that the elite follow the rules.

You know, I actually heard “What’d I Say?” on WSIE this morning. So thanks for the title, Mr. Charles.

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