Key Words: Located in Illinois

So I sometimes click through on real estate ads on Facebook as sometimes still I dream, gentle reader.

But not this one:

Yeah, you know, I cannot really think of any state in the country where I would not want to live except Illinois.

Both of my growing up locations were near (enough) the border with Illinois so that it got enough of a bad reputation, not to mention I would hate to live in a state ruled by Chicago (it’s bad enough in Missouri that Kansas City and St. Louis wield their blue influence on the state enough to make it chancy in elections.

I mean, I guess I would not like to live in Hawaii, either–but I’ve never been there. Perhaps I would change my mind.

But running down the states and regions, no other state comes to mind as a no-go.

Besides, if a house that big is that inexpensive, it requires massive repairs, or it’s under onerous regulation for preservation, or both. But, also, Illinois.

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