Know the Difference

Misa (pronounced like Jar Jar Binks would have you pronounce it) is a London-based “trip hop” artist.

Maysa (pronounced like it looks), an American jazz singer.

Only one is currently in my library so far, so expect Maysa to appear in a musical balance post sometime soon.

Although, to be honest, you might be more likely to confuse Misa with the Japanese singers of the same name or American rapper of that name or Maysa with the Bossa Nova singer who also went by that name. To clarify for my own expertise, perhaps I will have a lot to report on that future musical balance post.

There is only one Sade, though. Although maybe not; apparently, Sade is the name of the band named after the lead singer. Perhaps I should stop my research before I discover a little learning can be a bad thing.

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