A Jabberwocky For Our Time

Twitter must be having problems with money metrics again, since they’ve ramped up sending emails to all my testing accounts trying to get me to log in and provide them with free content again. “Brian, don’t be selfish! Pour words into our interface so we can make money off of your thoughts! “Brian, did you see that great tweet?”–never minding that most tweets these days are not, in fact, great, and the medium is best for one-liners, not deep thoughts, but our modern tastemakers have only enough depth to their thinking to fill maybe, what is it now, 280 characters?

Also, I get stuff like this:

“Sonu Sood evaded taxes over Rs. 20 crore: I-T department” Moment

I am not sure what most of those words and abbreviations mean. Or if they’re real words and abbreviations at all.

Does this mean that I am old? Or that Twitter thinks I’m Indian? Embrace the healing power of And.

And you can rest assured, gentle reader, I did not click through to share in the Moment.

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6 thoughts on “A Jabberwocky For Our Time

  1. I’d always thought “crore” was a currency unit in India, since it always appeared when I was trying to find something out about an Indian movie. But I just now finally looked it up and found out it’s an Indian numerical grouping word that represents 10 million. Wikipedia tells me Sood is an actor, film producer, model, humanitarian, and philanthropist and apparently he evaded taxes on 200 million rupees, or about $2.8 million.

    Bollywood’s catching up more and more to the American film industry all the time!

  2. I fixed it for you as well as inserting the “Man, I love each and every post on your blog!” line.

    I have to say, though, you took it as an opportunity to research and learn something. Which must be what keeps you young, unlike me.

  3. Maybe it is one of those things where you have to select it to reveal the hidden text.

    But, yeah, thanks for reading.

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