To Be Clear, This Is Mahi-Mahi

The articles might be misleading when talking about MICHAEL JORDAN REELED IN 25LB DOLPHIN:

It’s not often a goat catches a dolphin. But that’s exactly what happened when Michael Jordan and his “Catch 23” fishing team reeled in a dolphin on the first day of the 63rd annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament.

Or Michael Jordan caught a dolphin to capture an early lead in a $3.4 million fishing tournament in North Carolina:

Michael Jordan has gone fishin’ – and he came back with a dolphin.

It’s not clear whether the writers and repeaters understand this–I am sure it is common enough knowledge on the southeast coast, but I certainly didn’t know it in the Midwest–but the dolphin mammal and the dolphin fish (also known as the mahi mahi) are two different things.

On my first trip to Florida, I ordered the dolphin about every meal because I wanted to show them who was atop the mammal food chain, and I was eventually disappointed to learn I was not eating Flipper.

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