A Dispatch from Brian J.’s Musical Crushes, Thirty Years On

When talking about Milwaukee radio stations last week, Friar and I got to commenting on the Triplets, and I mentioned that, in researching my comment, I saw that they had released new music in the interim between my rounding out their then-complete catalog in 2015 and last week.

So I ordered a couple of their new CDs.

I ordered from their Web site, and they included a thank you note:

You know, if I traveled back in time to 1991 and said that, in the year 2021, Brian J., you will live in the country with a beautiful wife with a couple of kids, will hold a black belt in martial arts, will weigh almost 200 pounds, will do a couple of triathlons a year, but the country will have a pandemic where the government orders you to stay home and wear masks if you go out in public, and the Triplets will write you a card with hugs expressed in it, and I am pretty sure I would be nodding along right up until the last bit, which I would not believe at all.

Also, perhaps not the almost 200 pounds bit, either. Or the martial arts. You know, I would probably think me from the future was a liar. Or a cyborg or clone whose agenda was trying to manipulate me somehow into changing the course of history to its own advantage.

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1 thought on “A Dispatch from Brian J.’s Musical Crushes, Thirty Years On

  1. One of the pluses of the internet world is that artists can do more communication with fans and direct appreciation. It’s a cool thing ;-)

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