GoogleBit Tries To Upgrade Its Product: Me

So I’ve had a FitBit for a couple years, and I was dismayed when Google bought it last year.

The time has come for Google to upgrade its product, which is apparently me.

Previously, the FitBit would track my routes on bike rides and runs when I set it to track my location only when using the FitBit to, you know, track my route.

However, a new update has changed that as well as bollixing the historical data (the route on the run above is actually two miles running out of Sequiota Park).

Now, I can only track my route if I authorize Google to track my movement every minute of the day:

If I run around the perimeter of Nogglestead, which is a third of a mile with at least intermittent connection to my wireless network, I get information about the run including heart rates and pace as well as a handy map that shows me exactly what part of my yard’s perimeter is in wireless range:

If I have not opted to share my location at all times with Google, I get stuff calculated from the stride length and not much more:

No map, no heart rate graph, no pace information.

This could be a bug of some sort.

But I think it’s more likely a reason to get an Apple Watch or a Garmin. Or go back to wearing my old Timex.

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