The Source of That Thing Dad Always Says (X or XVIII, Depending Upon Your Accounting Methodology)

For a very long time, whenever my children purposefully or accidentally knocked something down or broke into component parts a Lego or block creation, I would say, “Smash, Smash, Diggin’ the Smash.”

Which was the catch phrase of a radio personality in St. Louis around the turn of the century. Well, not the catch phrase: something that radio listeners would say on the phone or whatnot, and the recordings were played on the air as promos or whatnot.

I thought of this when I saw that he has returned to the St. Louis airwaves. Again.

I looked (briefly) for something where people repeated the line, and all I found was a short documentary piece on his career until 2014:

Unfortunately, the reason he can return to radio is that his wife, who had been ill for a while, passed away.

Perhaps the next time we pass through St. Louis, we can catch a bit of his one of his programs, and the boys can learn the source of that thing.

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